Art Shell, 1991 Pro Line (Super Bowl Week No. 5)

Name: Art Shell
Team: Los Angeles Raiders
Positions: Coach, offensive tackle, security
Value of card: $5 at the door
Key Super Bowl stat: Eight defenders "bounced"
Priceless work of Art: Two-time Raiders coach Art Shell, then an offensive tackle, won Super Bowls with the team after the 1976 and 1980 seasons, becoming a favorite of fans and team owner Al Davis. Shell retired after the 1982 season, and was considered a shoe-in to one day become a coach. Shell believed in being a Raider, and turned down opportunities from other teams to become an offensive line coach. Shell pleaded Davis for a job, but the fiery owner deferred to then-head coach Tom Flores, he of the Brillo Pad wave. Flores wouldn't make room for Shell on the team, saying he had become a shell of his old self. Davis felt bad, so he offered Shell the title of "Los Angeles Raiders head of security and bathroom cleanliness operations." Shell accepted the job, which came with a $16,000 salary, a Raiders hat, a Rolex knock-off and a starter jacket with "Security" written across the back. Davis fired him six weeks later, then rehired him three months after that, then promoted him to head coach, then fired him, then rehired him in the security role, then fired him again, then rehired him as head coach, then fired him. Shell now hangs in a prominent position at the Museum of Modern Art, wearing a shiny Raiders jacket.


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  1. I still think Shell looks like a lost member of NWA here; just like a chunkier, less jheri curl'd version of Ice Cube.