Tony LaRussa, 1991 Studio checklist

Name: Tony LaRussa
Team: Oakland Athletics
Positions: Manager, Thinker
Value of card: One Bill Sampen sighting
Key 1990 stat: Zero haircuts
Tony LaRussa's thoughts from 10:34 a.m. to 10:35 a.m.: "This Sears photo studio is nicer than I expected. ... I hope McGwire's OK. He seems to be injecting himself with a lot of B12 lately. ... Oh man, I am totally nailing this 'Thinker' pose right now. Wait, maybe if I look a little more to the left — YES! ... God, Canseco is such a tool. ... I can't believe we lost the Series to the Reds. If only Todd Van Poppel had been ready. He's going to be such a stud! ... I hope they use this shot, but I really hope it's not on something lame, like a checklist card. And if it is, I hope it's not on the same checklist as that greaseball, John Franco. I can't believe he said that to Sandy Alderson's daughter. Creep-o!"

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