Keith and Kevin Mitchell, 1992 Upper Deck Bloodlines

Names: Keith Mitchell, Kevin Mitchell
Teams: Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants
Positions: Outfield
Value of card: Two vials of blood
Key 1991 stat: One shared at-bat
It's The Matchup, family style:

Round 1: Smallness (Winner, Keith)
Round 2: First out of the batter's box (Winner, Keith)
Round 3: Holding the wrong end of the bat (Winner, Keith)
Round 4: Ability to keep eyes open (Winner, Kevin)
Round 5: Teeth chipped on doughnuts, lifetime (Winner, Kevin)
Round 6: Ability to stay in the majors (Winner, Kevin)
Round 7: Hitting other cousin in the back with bat (Winner, Kevin)
Round 8: Creepiness of mustache (Winner, Keith)
Round 9: Who does grandma love more? (Winner, Keith)

Score: Keith 5, Kevin 4

Synopsis: After giving up a big early lead, the diminutive Keith Mitchell rallies back for a win, the only time he has ever outperformed his cousin.

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