Don Mattingly, 1988 Fantastic Sam's Baseball Superstars

Name: Don Mattingly
Team: New York Yankees
Position: First base
Value of card: One circle
Key 1987 stat: 13 bad haircuts from Fantastic Sam's
A bust of a different breed: Most of the victims at this site involve terrible photos, terrible clothing choices or terrible concepts; this is the first time the piece of cardboard alone qualifies itself for Bust status. Look at the worry on Donnie Baseball's face. Even he knows this half baseball card-half pog is an awful idea. Maybe ol' Fantastic Sam should spend a little more time training his stylists how to give perms and a little less time coming up with useless, square collector's items.

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  1. Maybe, if you can't say something nice about memorabilia, well, you know the rest of the drill…