Dave Justice, 1992 Fleer Pro-Visions

Name: Dave Justice
Teams: Atlanta Braves, Department of Justice
Positions: Outfield, detective
Value of card: Three scalps
Key 1991 stat: Zero headdresses, thank god
A different kind of crime fighter: Justice, Dave Justice. He's a cool, calculating lawman with a penchant for blood and blondes. Evil, you say? Justice is ready with his quick wit and quicker tomahawk. He strikes fear into the hearts of criminals and Native American rights groups. Justice lays down the law, and if you disagree, why don't you step back and read his last name again. Justice. That's right, Justice. He may not take his stereotypes to offensive levels, but he will use a tomahawk to chop down rapists, killers and anyone who plays for the Mets. Justice: Just don't forget.


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