Chili Davis, 1992 Topps Kids

Name: Chili Davis
Team: Minnesota Twins
Position: Designated hitter
Value of card: One corset
Key 1991 stat: Gained 24 pounds in head weight
A mean case of heartburn: Ooh, was Chili Davis mad when he saw this card for the first time. Taking the ice on his illustrated bat as an insult to his hitting ability, the big man spent the next year tracking down the artist who had drawn the card. Davis showed up on his doorstep one February morning, ready to pummel the illustrator. The would-be victim tried to explain that he was going for a play on "chilly," a homonym of the slugger's name, but Davis would not listen. Realizing his only chance was to run, the artist bolted out of his home and down the block. Davis gave chase, but his spindly, little legs could only carry him so fast. Eventually, the top-heavy Davis fell over in a heap, unable to get back up.


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