Bo Jackson, 1985 Heisman Series (Bo Week, No. 7)

Name: Bo Jackson
Team: Auburn Tigers
Positions: Running back, winner
Value of card: One giant, Photoshopped trophy
Key 1985 stat: First of thousands of ridiculous, Bo-related sports cards
Bo, we salute you: For having two all-star careers cut short by a hip injury. For being a better video game athlete than real-life athlete. For your bulge of legend. For being upstaged by Bo Diddley. For going by "Bo" even though your real name is Vincent Edward. For having enough terrible sports cards to supply the Bust with a week's worth of fodder. For appearing in the worst collector's card of all time. For all this and so much more, we at the Bust honor you, Bo Jackson, with the largest Bust Cup we've ever created. Call it a lifetime underachievement award. You, sir, are at the pinnacle of the Bust.

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