Vaughn Dunbar, 1991 Pro Line (Football Friday No. 25)

Name: Vaughn Dunbar
Team: New Orleans Saints
Position: Running back
Value of card: One bejeweled anchor necklace
Key 1990 stat: 124 stripes on pants
Fashion, for football's sake: Some players play football for the opportunity to win a championship. Some play for riches. Others stick with the sport for statistics and personal achievements. Then there's Vaughn Dunbar, who played football for its fashion. A day didn't go by in the early 1990s when Dunbar didn't wear Zubaz pants. He saw them as more than a trend; they were an identity. But Zubaz pants weren't enough. Oh no. His fashion-forward mentality led him to trademark the first half-Zubaz hat, a fitting compliment for his louder-than-a-train-horn pants. But Dunbar's stylish ensemble didn't end there. After months of contemplation and searching, he found a diamond anchor necklace at a pawn shop on a New Orleans pier. Sixteen hundred dollars later, it hung from his neck, suggestively pointing to his goods, which were wrapped in the finest of textiles. (Yes, Zubaz.) With his outfit nearly complete, Dunbar set out to find a shirt. Then, in a moment of enlightenment, he realized no shirt could match the grandeur of his pants, hat and necklace. So he never wore one again.


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