Dennis Lamp, 1991 Score

Name: Dennis Lamp
Team: Boston Red Sox
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: Six torn lampshades
Key 1990 stat: One amputated hand
The man of one hand: Dennis Lamp posted a career 96-96 record with a 3.93 ERA. These are pretty good numbers, but they're even more impressive when it's taken into account that the handlebar mustache aficionado pitched most of his career with one hand.
True story: On Aug. 13, 1979, Cardinals legend Lou Brock hit a line drive back up in the middle. The ball ricocheted off Lamp's pitching hand, and Brock made it safely to first for his 3,000th hit.
The tragic aftermath: Lamp stayed in to pitch the rest of the inning, but after the game a drunken team doctor concluded that he would have to amputate Lamp's hand in order to save the pitcher's career. Lamp grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniels and agreed to the surgery, paving the way and lending a hand to a young player who would use Lamp's story as inspiration and one day make it to the big leagues.
The truth revealed: Upon further examination of this card, it appears the drunken team doctor removed Lamp's hand at the wrist and attached it to his groin, thus explaining the freakish bulge seen above.


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  1. Dennis had a hand in Lou Bricks 3000th. Who allowed Brock's 2999th?