Shane Conlan, 1994 Coke Monsters of the Gridiron (Halloween Week No. 8)

Name: Shane Conlan, aka The Barbarian
Team: Faint Louis Rams
Position: Linebacker
Fright value of card: One cluster of wool
Key 1993 splat: Two kitty paws over shoulders
10 things you may not know about Shane Conlan:
10) He drives a Dodge truck.
9) He has a lot of random-access memory.
8) He slams his head into other men's heads to win women's affection.
7) He plays the horn.
6) His last girlfriend? Ewe.
5) His head is now mounted on a hunter's wall.
4) He often has the wool pulled over his eyes.
3) He has an insatiable taste for mutton.
2) He's an Aries.
1) Puns make him sheepish.


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