Pete Incaviglia and Jose Canseco, 1987 Fleer SuperStar Specials

Names: Pete Incaviglia, Jose Canseco
Teams: Texas Rangers, Oakland A's
Positions: Outfield, Outfield
Value of card: Two cycles of steroids
Key 1986 stat: One uncomfortable photo session
Are you ready for The Matchup?

Round 1: Arm hair (Winner: Incaviglia)
Round 2: Stupid look on his face (Winner: Canseco)
Round 3: Carny hands (Winner: Incaviglia)
Round 4: Facial hair (Winner: Incaviglia)
Round 5: Beer league softball uniforms (Winner: Tie)
Round 6: Dwarfism (Winner: Incaviglia)
Round 7: Blindingly obnoxious armbands (Winner: Canseco)
Round 8: Vowels in surname (Winner: Incaviglia)
Round 9: Tiny hats on huge heads (Winner: Tie)

Score: Incaviglia 5, Canseco 2 (Ties, 2)

Synopsis: In a landslide, Incaviglia dominates Canseco, illustrating why it's important for ballplayers to wear their talent above the lip and to overcome disabilities and tiny hands.



  1. inky dinky does it again! bow down to the master of the k! interesting by-line on inky, he once assaulted a man at his kids hockey game! what a badass!