Delino DeShields, 1992 Leaf

Name: Delino DeShields
Team: Les Expos de Montreal
Position: Second base
Value of card: Not sure, but it's high
Key 1991 stat: 43-inch vertical leap
Go ahead and jump: Delino DeShields stole 463 bases in his career. That's an impressive number, but what made it more impressive was his gazelle-like running style. Deshields would prance down the line after a pitcher started his movement to the plate. DeShields' leaps were so long and graceful, he was able to beat out most throws from the catcher. When asked how he learned to run like this, DeShields' answer hearkened to his childhood: "Ever since I was a kid, I would imagine there were giant piles of crap in the base paths, so I would remember to run on the tips of my toes, not the balls of my feet. This led to the leaping." As the card above proves, this child's fantasy finally came true.


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