Carl Yastrzemski, 1983 Topps

Name: Carl Yastrzemski
Team: Boston Red Sox
Position: Designated (infield practice) hitter
Value of card: $4 ear hair trim at Fantastic Sam's
Key 1982 stat: 7,212 balls hit in practice; zero balls hit during games
(Barely) living legend: As far as mythical baseball heroes go in Beantown, few rival "Yaz." He is the last player to win the Triple Crown and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989. In 67 seasons with the Red Sox, he produced some of the biggest numbers and deepest sunken eyes in franchise history. This may explain why management had a tough time letting him go. In the 1983 season, the man of many consonants played the role of designated infield practice hitter, as seen above. The crowds came out in droves to see Yastrzemski, but usually were disappointed when he'd leave the stadium after hitting a few fungos to make sure he hit Denny's Early Bird Special. Unfounded rumors spread that he was so old he farted dust, his Social Security number was 1 and he remembered when rainbows were black and white, but he did take Don Zimmer's mother to junior prom.


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  1. You need a clue. Show the man respect. He stayed in the same uniform for 23 years.