Bob Welch, 1991 Score

Name: Bob Welch
Team: Oakland A's
Position: Ace
Value of card: A handful of pennies
Key 1990 stat: 46 reconstructive surgeries
New face of baseball: In the months after the 1990 season, Bob Welch was injured in a horrific pitching machine accident. From the neck down, he was fine, but his head was reduced to a pulpy sludge, every bone broken, every link to his face erased. His fans and teammates thought the worst, as did most medical professionals. Then Lithuanian Dr. Bronislovas stepped to the plate with a radical surgery he said could save the Cy Young winner. Sixty-seven straight hours of life-saving surgery passed, then dozens of follow-up surgeries and months of rehabilitation. When Welch held a news conference on Opening Day 1991, fans around the world were amazed: His face now resembled a baseball, he could see through what looked like fingernails and he had retained his command of the split-finger fastball.


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  1. What you can't see in this card is Mr. Bill down below. He should never have agreed to play catch with Mr. Hands. Oh nooooooooo!