Barry Bonds, 1991 Topps Stadium Club

Name: Barry Bonds
Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
Positions: Left field, face on bat
Value of card: I'm (sob) not (sob) sure (sob)
Key 1990 stat: 12 buckets of tears
Time for another pop quiz:

Why is Barry Bonds melancholy?

(A) His ratty flattop needs a trim.
(B) His bat is cheating on him with Chuck Knoblauch and Julio Franco.
(C) The photographer made him take out his ridiculous cross earring for this card.
(D) He's ashamed of having a picture of himself on his wristbands.
(E) He had the foresight, in 1991, to realize this absurd pose would one day wind up on an even more absurd baseball card blog.
(F) All of the above.


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