Kevin Mitchell, 1987 Fleer Traded

Names: Kevin Mitchell, Kevin Mitchell
Teams: San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants
Positions: Third base, left field
Value of card: Top half, 3 cents; bottom half, lint
Key 1987 stat: Two Mitchells, one (Bust) cup
Clone wars: Kevin Mitchell started 1987 on the Padres roster. He had a smooth swing, a bad attitude and two gold teeth. He spoke in the third person and wore more jewelry than Mr. T. His attitude, by most accounts, was hurting the Padres' camaraderie and playoff chances. So what did he do? No, he didn't ask for a trade at midseason, he played for two teams at once under the guise that he had cloned himself. "I told them suits, 'Kevin Mitchell made me another Kevin Mitchell,'" Kevin Mitchell told Sports Illustrated in 1990. "I stood next to a mirror in my house and took a picture. I shows it to 'em, and say, ' Ya see. Two Kevin Mitchells. It's too good to be true.'" Mitchell proceeded to sign his second self, which was really his first and only self, to a contract with the Giants. For a while, he flew from one game to another, sometimes missing a few innings or the last game of a road trip. But when the Giants and Padres played each other late in the season, Mitchell had to resort to Plan B: buy two gold teeth and ship them to a doppelganger with a similar attitude and a bit more power, but not much of an arm.


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