Jim Leyland, 1986 Topps

Name: Ol' Smokey Jim Leyland, the Lovable Chimney Sweep
Teams: Pittsburgh Pirates, Hal's Soot Locker
Positions: Manager-chimney sweep
Value of card: 1 kilo of soot
Key 1985 stat: Two failing lungs
Lighting a fire under this place: Jim Leyland liked only one thing more than baseball: smoking. He smoked before games, during games and after games. He smoked on pitcher's mounds, in dugouts and along foul lines. But when his doctor told him his lungs were failing and he would be dead by the all-star break if he didn't quit, Leyland laid down his first love and concentrated on his beloved Pirates ... for approximately 42 minutes. The only thing Leyland could think about was smoking. He knew he had to find a replacement for cigarettes if the Pirates were to win again. "C'mon, Jimmy: think, think, think," the manager said aloud. "There has to be a way to get my fix and manage this team." Then, an idea hit him like a Greg Luzinski home run. Leyland marched to the general manager's office and made a declaration. From that day on, his uniform, seen above, would be a mix of manager and chimney sweep, and after trying to strategize his team to victory, he would spend hours inhaling the sweet, sweet soot and stale smoke in the stacks around Three Rivers Stadium.


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