Emmitt Smith, 1993 Skybox (Football Friday No. 17)

Name: Emmitt Smith
Team: Dallas Cowboys
Position: Running back
Value of card: 22 catches
Key 1992 stat: No shoulder pads
Great moments in sports card photography: Yeah, this card is a catch-22, alright. Here we have Emmitt Smith, emerging superstar, posing for a special edition football card, one of the true highlights of any professional athlete's career. Yet something is not quite right. Maybe it's the lighting, which seems to be hitting the Dallas skyline from the left and Emmitt from the right — meaning either Emmitt is posing in front of a photo or he's in some kind of physics-challenged universe. (Well, it is Dallas.) The sun is shining off those skyscrapers, yet Emmitt's F necklace isn't glinting at all! The most noticeable thing about Emmitt in this photo may be the bulge in his chest-high pants. It's possible he stuffed a live raccoon down his trousers. Thankfully, in this bizarro world, Emmitt is managing to keep his helmet from flying away by standing on it. Just terrible work all around by Skybox. We at the Bust give this card an F (necklace) for effort.

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