Eduardo Perez, 1993 Fleer Pro Cards

Name: Eduardo Perez
Team: Vancouver Canadians
Positions: Infield, defenseman
Value of card: 3 cents, eh
Key 1992 stat: 234 penalty minutes
The Canadian Pastime: Eduardo Perez had wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, Tony Perez, since he was a child. He dreamed of playing in the big leagues, winning a Most Valuable Player Award and getting a World Series ring. That dream was derailed, however, for a few seasons in the early 1990s, when Perez's contract was purchased by the Vancouver Canadians, a fledgling franchise north of the border that required its players to perform on the baseball field and in the hockey rink. Perez had never played hockey, and, for that matter, had never seen ice, so the transition was a bit rocky. He tried to bunt instead of pass. He tried to hit-and-run instead of cross-check. But his most embarrassing moment came when he tried to stuff the Stanley Cup in his jockstrap.


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