Eddie Murray, 1991 Studio

Name: "Steady" Eddie Murray
Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Position: First base
Value of card: It's laughable
Key 1990 stat: 12 seizures brought on by laughing fits
10 reasons Eddie Murray is laughing:
10) The little-kid's hat he's trying to squeeze over his Jheri curl is disrupting brain synapses.
9) The photographer is mocking his mock turtleneck.
8) He's not laughing; his giant mustache forces his mouth into that position.
6) He doesn't live up to his nickname after six Mickey's grenades.
5) He's tickling something with the bat.
4) The photographer told him to turn that frown upside down, before realizing the frown was his mustache.
3) When he sees someone's lips moving, he replies with laughter, because his minifro has shut off his ears from all earthly sounds.
2) The photographer nagged him into doing his Eddie Murphy laugh impression.
1) Mirror.



  1. He's laughing because he just got the latest residual check for "The Blues Brothers." Check him out: http://www.guitar.com.au/guitars/electric/cort/Murphy_files/mattnurphy.gif

  2. "I buil a moochine an I bee him!"