Dave Winfield, 1992 Upper Deck

Name: Dave Winfield
Team: All
Positions: Outfield, designated hitter
Value of card: 400!
Key 1991 stat: 34 trades
Man on the move: In its 1992 set, Upper Deck paid tribute to a great moment in baseball history: Dave Winfield's 400th time being traded. Over his 22 seasons, Winfield played for all 28 major league teams in existence at that time, as well as 17 professional Japanese teams, 42 softball organizations and, for one memorable week, a youth tee-ball league. Winfield was dealt more times than the eight of hearts. He was involved in more transactions than a Wells Fargo bank teller. He was moved so many times, a U-Haul truck started following him at all hours. He was once actually traded for a meal. In fact, we at the Bust are putting this entire post on the auction block. Serious offers only, please.

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