Bill Buckner, 1988 Topps

Name: Bill Buckner
Team: California Angels
Position: First base
Value of card: Two Ace combs in pockets, at all times
Key 1987 stat: Zero balls hit between his legs to lose a World Series
10 things you may not have known about Bill Buckner:
10) Hair covers 96 percent of his body.
9) He has to shave the bottoms of his feet three times a week.
8) Only player in 1987 whose hair helmet precluded requirement to wear batting helmet.
7) His eyebrows weigh 11 pounds each.
6) He uses a leash when he walks his chest hair.
5) A utility infielder once became lost in his part.
4) He is forced to use a comb with razor-blade teeth.
3) The mustache seen above is actually 3 o'clock shadow.
2) Within two years, his hair will have pushed down his ears onto his neck.
1) A barber once approached him, slowly, and asked if he wanted a haircut. Buckner agreed, but then, suddenly, the barber rolled between his legs, costing the Red Sox a World Series and Buckner a chance to look human.



  1. In the same tone as the Dos Equis commercials: "He is the hairiest man in the world."

  2. Never mind the fact that Stanley and Schiraldi blew the lead before the ground ball was ever hit to Buckner. You're a real douche.

  3. So it was a team effort suck that bad in the '86 World Series. I'm really glad those dumbasses lost!