Sam Adams, 1994 Upper Deck Heavyweights (Football Friday No. 12)

Name: Sam Adams
Teams: Seattle Seahawks; D Team, Seattle YMCA Beach Volleyball League
Positions: Defensive tackle, middle blocker
Value of card: 11 grains of sand and three beads of sweat
Key 1993 stat: Zero pounds lost
A heavy weight on his shoulders: It was the mid-1990s, and body image was a growing concern. But paralyzing self-consciousness wasn't relegated to teenage girls. It could hit the biggest of gridiron behemoths, too. Case in point: Sam Adams. Everywhere the first-round pick went, his weight was repeated out loud. At the combine: 292 pounds. At training camp: 292 pounds. While getting berated by a coach: 292 (expletive) pounds. At the ice-cream parlor: "You sure you don't want another scoop, sir? You're, like, 292 pounds." This rattled the gentle giant to his core. He went to the Seahawks offensive line coach, whose advice was, well, offensive. "Take your fat (expletive) out of my office and into the sandbox with the other cry-baby girls," he said. Adams listened. He drove straight to a beach and joined a YMCA beach volleyball league. Even there, he couldn't escape the heckling. "Get a load of this fat boy wearing the neon-pink Morey Boogie visor," a child in the crowd yelled. Adams crumbled, and took his fat ass back to the locker room.


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