Larry Parish, 1986 Topps; Vance Law, 1989 Topps

Names: Larry Parrish
Alias: Vance Law
Teams: Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs
Positions: Outfield, third base
Value of cards: Secrets contained within could cost you your life
Key 1988 stat: One new identity
The reborn identity: Larry Parrish could hit. Larry Parrish could throw. Larry Parrish could field. But he wouldn't put on the correct uniform. First his teammates, then his manager, then Major League Baseball's commissioner told him to change his look, to shed the mesh jersey and the hat with the bent-in sides. He wouldn't listen. He felt comfortable in the breathable garment and the squished cap. His rejection of baseball's rules landed him on the bench, then out of the game. Parrish was lost without the game he held dear. He spoke with a private investigator, who pointed him in the direction of dingy Chinese food restaurant with an alley entrance. There, a man with three thumbs and one eye supplied Parrish with a new identity, a former mercenary named Vance Law. Parrish became the Law, as he would say, and worked his way back to the big leagues in 1989, earning a spot on the Chicago Cubs. Parrish's team changed. Parrish's name change. But how he wore his uniform would never change.


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