Ken Griffey Jr., 1989 BaseBall Caramels

Name: Young Archibald Griffey the Kid
Team: Seattle Palestockings
Position: Second fielder
Value of card: Three shillings from the Old Country, good sir
Key 1989 stat: 'Twasn't statistics that were kept in a gentleman's game, 'twas feelings of good cheer
Griffey, circa 1886: In 2009, Ken Griffey Jr. returned to the Seattle Mariners for what could be his last season. This affords an opportunity to look back at "The Kid's" first year as a professional, 1886. Griffey was known as Young Archibald Griffey the Kid before changing his name to "Ken" before the start of the 1891 season. In 1886, Griffey played for the Seattle Palestockings of the Louisiana Purchase League. He hit two home runs, which led the league. As part of Major League Baseball rules in the 19th century, he always had a sandwich in his pants. Young Griffey was known to feast on delightful liverwurst while playing second fielder, one of the era's most important positions. Young Griffey had exceptional seasons in 1886 and 1887, but he lost the Most Valuable Gentleman award both years to his father, Sir Ken of the Griffey Clan, who first won the award in 1779.


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