Keith Hernandez, 1986 Topps Record Breaker

Name: Keith Hernandez (I'm Keith Hernandez)
Team: New York Mets
Positions: First base, within a funnel cloud
Value of card: $3.50, or a VHS tape of "Twister"
Key 1985 stat: One game-winning RBI in the midst of a natural disaster
A mustache in the wind: It was Sept. 16, 1985, and a Texas twister was spinning a mile from the Houston Astrodome. Umpires conferred with meteorologists, and the decision was made to continue the game. The Astros were leading, 5-4, going into the ninth inning, when the winds started swirling directly outside the stadium. Fans began to panic as noise from the cyclone built. Then, suddenly, the twister ripped a hole in the dome. Fans ran for exits, but the players stayed on the field. Astros starter Mike Scott looked up at the twister, spit twice and started his windup. Keith Hernandez stood at the plate. As the fastball rushed toward Hernandez, the tornado's winds pulled his batting helmet from his head and lifted the pitcher into the air. But what the Astros and Mother Nature hadn't counted on was the gravitational pull of Hernandez's mustache. The hair above his upper lip was so lush and dense, it counterbalanced the pull of the twister and kept Hernandez on the ground, allowing him to hit a single into right field and win the game, which was immediately called. This feat of manhood broke a long-held major league record: Hernandez and his mustache now had the most game-winning RBIs in the midst of a natural disaster, two. His first game during the natural disaster that was the Mets' 1983 season.


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