Jerry Reuss, 1990 Topps

Name: Jerry Reuss
Team: Milwaukee Brewers, kind of
Position: N/A
Value of card: A lifetime of smiles
Key 1989 stat: One dugout sat in
A dad's dream: It was mid-September 1989 and Brewers prospect Bobby Reuss had recently been called up from Triple-A Denver. The Brewers, long out of the playoff race, decided to treat their young call-ups by inviting their fathers to each sit in the dugout — decked out in full uniform — for one game. For Bobby's father, Jerry, it was a dream come true. Jerry spent the entire game regaling the Brew Crew with Army stories, including the time in basic that he and his buddies got wicked drunk off a bottle of cherry-flavored vodka and ended up puking on the drill sergeant's doorstep. He cornered Robin Yount in the third inning, telling him all about the Ford Mustang he bought on the cheap back in '71 and how he used to race it on the outskirts of Phoenix. Of course, the crack photography crew at Topps confused Jerry for an actual player, snapping a photo and asking about his hobbies for notes on the back of the card. The proud papa went on for the next 30 minutes about his love for pinochle and cribbage, and how he still loved to take the missus out to a movie show every now and again. Reuss then fell asleep for innings five through seven. Eventually, manager Tom Trebelhorn was forced to ask the elder Reuss to leave when, after waking up, he wandered onto the field and asked the home plate umpire if they still used those ball-strike counters like when he played in high school.


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  1. This could pass for Ted Turner's rookie card.