Pat Listach, 1993 Fleer All-Stars

Name: Pat Listach
Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Position: Shortstop
Value of card: $4 upper-lip trim done for free by your mother
Key 1992 stat: 22 hairs
The look of a big leaguer: When Pat Listach was called up from the minor leagues to play for the Milwaukee Brewers in April 1992, the team's brass knew they were getting a young, inexperienced player. Listach was aware of this, too, and worked hard to ease any fears about his maturity. "Extra batting practice is one thing," the 21-year-old shortstop said. "But I knew it was time to show the veterans I could grow big-league facial hair." Listach impressed the team as a contact hitter and a base stealer, but was a constant butt of jokes from teammates and opposing players. "His last name rhymes with 'moustache,' for chrisakes," former Brewers pitcher Pete Vuckovich said that season. "The only thing more ridiculous is the guy without the beard in ZZ Top having the last name 'Beard.'" Listach didn't let the criticism get to him. He started with a ball-point pen, moved on to hair-growth products and settled on shaving his upper lip four times a day, trying to jump-start growth. Listach was able to grow a few hairs, but he couldn't get the full, bushy moustache he saw in his dreams. Teammates wouldn't let up, either. In baseball circles, to this day, a pathetic, 22-hair moustache on a rookie is called a "listach" around the league.


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