Pascual Perez, 1990 Topps

Name: Pascual Perez
Team: Montreal Expos, Jheri Curl All-Stars
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: A chance to win one of the 40 chains around Perez's neck
Key 1989 stat: Zero haircuts
A new midsummer classic: Long before the NHL tried a North America-vs.-World format for its all-star game, Major League Baseball was looking to shake up its summer exhibition contest. Commissioner Bart Giamatti, a slave to fashion and an amateur hairstylist, decided one night after a couple of highballs that the rest of America shared his grooming interests. So it was that the first (and last) Jheri Curl vs. Mullet All-Star Game was held. The Curlys, as they called themselves, were heavily favored, with established hitters such as Jesse Barfield, Julio Franco and George Bell, promising youngsters Sammy Sosa and Deion Sanders, and a stable full of arms, including Lee Smith, Ramon Martinez and the Perez brothers, Pascual and Melido. But powerful Mullet pitching performances from Rick "Red Baron" Sutcliffe, Dennis Eckersley, Rod Beck and a young Randy Johnson kept the Curlys' bats silent. The game went scoreless into extra innings before Brewers teammates Robin Yount and Rob Deer took Pascual Perez deep back to back. The game, while perhaps the most exciting all-star contest of all time, was universally panned as racist and, most importantly, unattractive. This killed Giamatti — literally. Unable to accept a world that would not accept these two flowing hairdos, Giamatti died of a heart attack two months later.

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