Manny Ramirez, 1992 Topps Draft Pick

Name: Manny Ramirez
Team: Poughkeepsie Youth Service League All-Stars
Positions: Outfielder, infielder, pitcher
Value of card: One forged birth certificate
Key 1991 stat: One Little League World Series championship
Suspicion in Williamsport: The Little League World Series — an American classic that celebrates diversity, competition and the spirit of baseball. But in 1991, a dark cloud of suspicion hung over Williamsport, Pa., home of the summer tradition. The East Region champions from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., were led by a rather large 13-year-old named Manny. The 5-foot-11, 175-pound youngster threw an amazing 80-mph fastball and excelled at every defensive position. The parents and managers of opposing teams repeatedly expressed doubt that Manny was as young as he said, but Manny's wispy moustache, carefree attitude and — most importantly — birth certificate all gave the impression of an early adolescent. Manny was allowed to play and led the Youth Service League All-Stars to a rousing World Series championship, batting .904 with 57 home runs and 140 RBI. No team came within 30 runs of the champs. After the title-clinching game, instead of being carried off the field, he carried six of his teammates off it. But two months later, the shameful truth came out. After being drafted by the Cleveland Indians, media reports revealed that the "youngster" was not 13 years old. He was in fact 15, and had been on human growth hormone since 1984. Disgraced, Manny gave back his Little League World Series ring and never did steroids again.


  1. Manny played for Youth Service League in Brooklyn New York under Mel Zitter and he resided in Washington Heights. One of the greatest hitters of all times regardless of steroids. Steroids give you strength, they don't teach you how to hit a baseball.

  2. He also didn't play for an all-star team. I understand this is a joke, but i play for the organization.

  3. for starters YSL never plays in little league AKA (baby ball) where 13 yr. olds play at coach pitch distances for those of U who don't know now you do! thats the real joke. For those of us who know Manny and understand his struggles; like choosing to ride the train for hours just to get to the fields early so his team would be able to practice. when in Brooklyn it was first come first serve to use the fields. you would think twice before cracking weak jokes about a kid who had to scratch and claw his way though life. you could never imagine what he is like as a person, I remember giving him my spikes at a game because his were taped together. You guys are sad no talent busters, you can also add to your fathers list of embarrassments this corny website. By the way Your probably the fat kid that got picked on at school!! or the kid that always had his lunch money taken. at the end you will always be the Butt of the joke.

  4. Manny Ramirez is gone from baseball. Rather than submit to discipline for an evidently failed drug test, he retired. Don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out.