Damon Buford, 1993 Topps Top Prospects

Names: Darrell Sherman, clockwise from top left, "Smooth" Damon Buford, Cliff Floyd, Michael Moore
Teams, respectively: San Diego Padres, Men's Wearhouse, Montreal Expos, Los Angeles Dodgers
Positions, respectively: Outfield, assistant sales manager, outfield, outfield
Value of card: $10-off coupon at participating Men's Wearhouse locations
Key 1992 stats, respectively: 14 home runs, 43 Calvin Klein suits sold, 65 RBIs, .426 on-base percentage
A prospect in any field: Major League Baseball was awash in young talent in the early 1990s. It seemed every team had a player full of promise, so much so that prospects left the game to find career fulfillment. Damon Buford was one of those prospects. Buford had an impressive 1991 season but couldn't crack a big league roster. So he turned to another star-making machine: the Men's Wearhouse. Buford caught on fast. He traded in his cleats and cup for a turtleneck and sport coat, and schmoozed customers with the same flair he showed on the diamond. He measured necks and inseams, all with a professionalism gleaned from teachings of the game's greatest manager. Did Buford find success at the Men's Wearhouse? I guarantee it.


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