Chuck Knoblauch, 1997 Studio

Name: Chuck Knoblauch
Team: Minnesota Twins
Position: Second base
Value of card: For his teammates, priceless
Key 1996 stat: 46,764 tongue-in-cheek questions
10 things teammates asked Knoblauch after this card was printed:
10) The bat is one thing, but, c'mon, you didn't think about the phallic wood grain?
9) Has your father recovered from the suicide attempt?
8) Were you thanking it for keeping your wife occupied when you were on road trips?
7) Just how cute was Mr. Photographer?
6) You realize Studio is a baseball card company, not a sporty male modeling agency, right?
5) You play second base, but did the bat make it there?
4) How long until you could sit down without pain?
3) Do you know who put 1,000 photocopies of this card all over the locker room?
2) Have you heard the one about the bat, the balls and the mouth?
1) How much bigger did the bat get when you started gripping it?


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