Bob Walk, 1987 Topps

Name: Bob Walk
Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
Position: Pitcher (yes, really)
Value of card: One free pass
Key 1986 stat: 64 walks
Laugh it up, fuzzball: Bob Walk, a one-time All-Star who won three postseason games, could never live down his surname. Here, posing for a chuckling Topps photographer, Walk finally loses his cool. "Yeah, I get it," he yells. "I'm a pitcher. My name is Walk. Ha-ha, very funny, jerk. No, you know what? It's not that funny. There are a lot of guys with funnier names. Ever heard of Razor Shines? Don Aase? Gaylord Perry? Dick Pole? Yeah, those are funny names, idiot. God, you'd probably wet yourself if you ever met Rusty. Do me a favor and take a walk, huh? I mean — dammit!"


  1. Love it. But if you want all those guys and more, you hafta check out my blog, Great Sports Name Hall of Fame. Bob Walk hasn't been nominated yet, but Rusty is in the official hall, alongside Dick Trickle, God Shammgod, and Fair Hooker.