Barry Sanders, 1990 Score (Football Friday No. 8)

Name: Barry Sanders
Team: Detroit Lions
Position: Running back
Value of card: 13 puns
Key 1989 stat: Zero weather-related injuries
It's bad pun time: Barry Sanders stormed onto the NFL stage in 1989 and immediately made it rain for the Detroit Lions. His lightning-fast speed left defenders in clouds of dust; his cutback ability shocked fans, opponents and media alike. When he wasn't bolting for the end zone, he was helping block, allowing time for his quarterback to throw a strike downfield. For 10 seasons, he electrified the league, thundering his way to 15,269 career yards and 99 touchdowns. But after the 1998 campaign, he set off a media tempest by retiring at age 30, his career seemingly over in a flash. Rumors of a comeback rumbled for years, but, his spark for football extinguished, Sanders never set foot on the field again.

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