Willie McGee, 1986 Topps

Name: Willie "Machismo" McGee
Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Chippendales
Position: Outfield
Value of card: $150 an hour
Key 1985 stat: 44 pairs of edible underwear
People magazine's Sexiest Man of 1985: It was an honor the nation knew was coming. June, July and August 1985 collectively became known as the Summer of Sexy Willie. Women filled Busch Stadium to catch a glimpse of Willie McGee, known for his slap hitting and his butt slapping. He played with pizazz and often blew kisses to the crowd. The world was his oyster, but in one night, the oyster clammed up.
The fall of Lothario: The sweat was beading down his chicken chest when the SWAT team busted through the door. Within a fraction of a second, McGee, America's sexy son, went from an adored, dashing professional athlete to a defamed professional gigolo. The women scattered into closets and through windows. When police officers coralled them all, they were nude and numbered 22. McGee had started the night on a side job as a Chippendale dancer whose good looks drove women wild. He ended the night a felon, a felon who was always a hit with the ladies.


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