Terry Bradshaw, John Frascatore, 1995 Topps

Names: Terry "The Blond Bomber" Bradshaw, Some Schmuck
Teams: St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Fox
Position: Quarterback
Value of card: 1 cent for each player
Key 1994 stat: 11 interceptions
Rocket arm on deck: Terry Bradshaw was a two-time Super Bowl MVP. He won the NFL MVP in 1978. He led his Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl titles and was named to the Pro Bowl three times. But "The Blond Bomber's" proudest achievement may have been his lone year of professional baseball, 1994, during which he batted .189 with three home runs, 26 RBIs and 11 interceptions in Double-A. He had a youthful glow about him that year. Although it's covered by a hat in the above photograph, Bradshaw's blond locks regrew atop his shiny head. His jumbled ramblings through a Southern accent disappeared; his diction was exquisite and he enunciated each word for the first time in his life. He grew a pencil-thin mustache and wooed women 40 years his junior. But of all the changes and accomplishments in 1994, Bradshaw was most proud of his tan.


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