Rod Woodson, 1991 Score Dream Team (Football Friday No. 5)

Name: Rod Woodson
Teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Team Glamour
Position: Defensive back
Value of card: $24.98 for (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7s, (12) wallet-sized
Key 1990 stat: 2 ounces of blush
Glamour on the goal line: Rod Woodson was feeling down. He was coming off a Pro Bowl season, but his love life was in shambles. He tried blind dates, speed dating, church groups — nothing worked. His first step: grow a handsome mustache. Though he started drawing more looks from hard-working, steel-industry women, nothing came of it. Feeling depressed and queasy from eating a gallon of rocky road ice cream, Woodson made a cry for help. That cry? A call to 1-888-GLAMOUR. Sixty-four-year-old Betty Hendrickson answered the call, and changed the Hall of Famer's love life forever. "Come on down to the Three Rivers Strip Mall and we'll make you pretty," Betty said. Through tears and a mouthful of rocky road, Woodson thanked her. The next day, Woodson showed up, albeit a bit hesitant. But the silver-haired girls at Glamour Shots made him feel at home. They got him into a robe and trimmed his hairline into the patented "RazorBladeCut." They took cuticle scissors to his mustache and applied brushful after brushful of blush. They waxed his eyebrows and applied as subtle layer of lipstick. After the primping, complimenting and a glass of Korbel, in walked Mr. Pittsburgh Glamour Shots himself, The Amazing Manolito. Canon in hand, Manolito flattered Woodson until he blushed. The 5-foot-3 photographer took shot after shot, moving about the room with the grace of a ballerina. "Show me sensual," Manolito said. "Show me rugged. Show me steadfast." Woodson complied, and left the studio with a dozen wallet-sized shots and a swagger long absent.


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