Pete Rose, 1984 Topps Purina Dog Chow Insert

Names: Pete Rose, Charlie Hustle
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Position: First base
Value of card: Over/under 75 cents
Key 1983 stat: Zero haircuts
A peek into the mind of a legend: The staff psychic here at Baseball Card Bust is at times able to determine the thoughts going through the minds of our subjects. Here's what Pete Rose was thinking at this moment in 1983: "That $3,000 on the Orioles at 15-to-1 this year is looking pretty solid. ... Remember when I nearly killed that bum Ray Fosse at the All-Star Game? That was awesome. ... I think it might be time to switch shampoos. ... If Rick Rhoden comes in tight on me one more time, I'm gonna bust his jaw so hard he'll be spittin' teeth for a week. ... What was that broad's name at the strip club the other night? Candy? Sandy? Mandy? Crap, I think she stole my pager. ... These Jockeys are a little tight. ... Screw Philly, I'm going into the Hall of Fame as a Red."


  1. The only thing keeping Rose going, besides hustling tourists at three-card Monty, is that lifetime supply of Ralston Purina, or as he likes to call it "Pete's Surprise." If he offers you a bowl if his special "stew," just say no.

  2. I can picture this yahoo with his face in a dog bowl.

  3. Say what you want about this idiot, but he definitely had a hall-of-fame hair helmet.

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