Lou Johnson, 1968 Topps

Name: "Sweet" Lou Johnson
Team: Chicago Cubs
Position: Outfield
Value of card: 1/10,000th of Johnson's $26,000 1968 salary
Key 1967 stat: 140,000 "oohs"
Things that make you go "Ooh": What could have made "Sweet" Lou Johnson exclaim, "Ooh," before a game in 1968? He was a pious man, so it wasn't a buxom bombshell in the stands. He wasn't a man shackled to an enormous ego, so he wasn't looking at his doe eyes in a mirror. He wasn't a spiteful man, so he wasn't watching a teammate take a back swing to the face. But "Sweet" Lou Johnson was a celebrated crooner, whose 1967 hit, "Ooh, Ooh, Baby, Ooh," made it to No. 435 on the Billboard charts. In the above photo, the crack Topps photography staff caught "Sweet" Lou belting out a version of "Ooh, Ooh, Baby, Ooh," to his manager, Leo Durocher, whose tears puddled on the dugout ground.

Card submitted by Chris Treadway


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  1. It looks like Leo Durocher's face puddled on the dugout ground.