Lawrence Taylor, 1991 Pro Set (Football Friday No. 6)

Name: Lawrence Taylor
Team: New York Giants
Position: Linebacker
Value of card: One 10-foot wingspan
Key 1990 stat: Six team sacks
Group effort: Having terrorized the NFL for several years, sackmaster Lawrence Taylor was getting bored with his dominance. So, in 1990, he began keeping track of a new statistic: team sacks. To record a team sack, Taylor had to not only tackle the opposing quarterback behind the line of scrimmage, but also bring down another offensive player with him. In this photo, Taylor is about to pulverize Lions QB legend Bob Gagliano along with left guard Erik Andolsek. In an amazing Week 2 performance, he brought down five Dallas Cowboys with one tackle, including Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Mark Stepnoski, Tommie Agee and Mark Tuinei. The play caused a Cowboys cheerleader to faint, so Taylor counted her, as well. An irate Jimmy Johnson stormed the field, only to trip over the mass of humanity and bring the total count to seven people sacked on one play, an NFL record that still stands.


  1. Not to mention, he also sacked his dignity by wearing that ridiculous dangling "LT" earring.

  2. Oh dear. I can never unsee that Jimmy Johnson picture. Thanks a lot for that.