Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr., 1989 Bowman

Names: Ken Griffey Jr., Ken Griffey Sr.
Teams: Seattle Mariners, Cincinnati Reds
Positions: Outfield, actors
Value of card: Two easy payments of $19.95
Key 1988 stat: Three catch phrases
Previously on "Griffey and Son": While cleaning the house, which doubles as a junk store, Ken Sr. knocks over Jr.'s glass figurine collection. Trying to cover up the fact that he broke them, Sr. makes up a story about how the house was robbed and how he fought off the would-be criminals. In the process, Sr. is labeled a hero, but soon is forced to admit his fib. Ken Jr. threatens to quit baseball, causing Sr. to exclaim, "This one's for real, 'Lizabeth! I'm coming to ya!" A shamed Sr. begins making plans to close the family business and sell the house — until Jr. has a change of heart. "I can't let you give up this place, you old fool," Jr. tells his father. Senior replies, "You darn right you can't, you big dummy," makes a racist comment and hugs his son. Fade to black.

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