Jose Rijo, 1994 Fleer Ultra Strikeout King

Name: Joses Rijo
Team: Cincinnati Reds
Position: Ace
Value of card: Three anythings
Key 1993 stat: 3-D
Three of a kind: Joses Rijo had an impressive 1994. Why, you ask? Well, because he brought two of his clones to the mound with him every game. Rijo was known for his above-average fastball. Clone No. 1 had a dominating slider. Clone No. 2's specialty was a knuckler. Rijo was from the Dominican Republic and spoke Spanish. Clone No. 1 spoke Japanese. Clone No. 2 spoke no harm of anyone. Rijo spent his nights reading and hanging out with his family. Clone No. 1 spent his nights curled up by a warm fire, wearing only his emotions. Clone No. 2 spent his nights snorting cocaine and mingling with common street scum. Despite their differences, Joses were a force on the mound, sometimes getting three strikes on a single swing. This pitching prowess earned Joses the obvious nickname "Cy-clones." No one thought it was funny.


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