Geronimo Berroa, 1995 Fleer Emotion

Name: Geronimo Berroa
Team: Oakland A's
Position: Outfield
Value of card: It'll surprise you
Key 1994 stat: 14,012 stupid looks on his face
10 reasons Geronimo Berroa is surprised:
10) He didn't expect to be caught dancing with a ballboy.
9) He looked at his god-awful career numbers.
8) Someone told him the cup goes in the front.
7) He learned former reliever Jason Grimsley accused him of taking steroids.
6) Someone in the crowd yelled "Geronimo" before jumping off the third deck.
5) No one else on the field had their collar popped around a turtleneck.
4) The mesh behind him is not a batting cage; it's a 40-foot net being shot from a giant net-gun by a hunter capturing mediocre Major League Baseball players for his collection of taxidermied animals.
3) His mustache just opted out of its contract.
2) Being in Oakland, he just witnessed three people get shot to death.
1) The word "loose" is written in giant block letters across his rear end.



  1. Awesome, but mostly for the Visit Oakland video. Classic.

  2. Best baseball Card Ever! It is just too bad Berroa did not have his jheri-curl mullet like he has in 1987 thru 1989!