Don Sutton, 1988 Topps

Name: Don Sutton
Team: California Angels
Position: Ace
Value of card: One vat of Bengay
Key 1987 stat: Considered retiring 317 times
Flash forward: The year was 1989 and Don Sutton was in the twilight of his career. Sutton, a lock for the Hall of Fame with more than 300 wins to his credit, signed on with the Cleveland Indians. The Tribe was under new ownership and had brought in a number of washed-up veterans, rookies with questionable backgrounds and a manager who had most recently run a tire store. Sutton, whose arm was all but used up, had resorted to putting Crisco on his chest and K-Y along his waistband to help get more movement on his curveball. It was a rough start to the year, as Sutton feuded with a slugger who practiced Voodoo and struggled to make it past five innings in most starts. But a late-season surge pushed the Tribe into a first-place tie with the Yankees in the AL East. Thanks to his experience, Sutton was given the nod to start the one-game playoff over a rookie whose wild haircut and even wilder pitching had endeared him to the Tribe's fan base. Improbably, the 65-year-old Sutton pitched 8 2/3 innings of two-run ball before leaving the game with the bases loaded. He ended up with a no decision as the Indians won in dramatic fashion on an RBI bunt single with two out in the bottom of the ninth. That same night, Charlie Sheen set a world record for number of lines blown in a baseball dugout.
Fun fact: Baseball Card Bust favorite Pete Vuckovich played Yankees slugger Clu Haywood in "Major League."


  1. I can't figure out what the hell the shortstop is doing. It looks like he is breaking in his glove or faking a pick-off move at second, but it's clear as day that Don Sutton has released the ball toward home. Maybe this is a between innings pitch and the shortstop is taking infield grounders from Wally Joyner.

  2. He was making too much noise between pitches, so right before this pic was taken, Sutton went over and punched him in the junk. He's just recovering in this pic.