Don Aase, 1990 Topps

Name: Huh-huh
Team: New York Butts, er, Mets
Position: Huh-huh
Value of card: It ain't worth a crap
Key 1989 stat: 211,752 witty heckles
What's in a name?: Don Aase was the butt of a lot of jokes. Many fans called him a bum. Sometimes, when he was feeling sad, he sat in the team bus' rear. After a few beers in the back, Aase was known to respond to teammates' jibes with tush, or contempt. He wore a fanny pack to the ballpark, which led to more heckling. Philadelphia fans erupted into laughter when he questioned something said by Mets trainer Tommy Oxenbol. Aase only sputtered out, "But, Ox ..." before the crowd's laughter echoed through the stadium. When it came to pitching, it seemed like Aase was always behind. So he started pacing across the backside of the mound. This didn't help. At times, he would cry himself to sleep after his wife made him his favorite meal: french fries and a few slices of rump roast.


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