Steve Bedrosian, 1988 Woolworth Baseball Highlights

Name: Steve Bedrosian
Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Position: Closer
Value of card: One Woolworth's coupon
Key 1987 stats: 40 saves, one beard-related injury
Eyes on the prize: Steve "Bedrock" Bedrosian had the ninth inning locked down in 1987, registering a National League-leading 40 saves to go with five wins and a 2.83 ERA. Those numbers earned him the Cy Young Award that year, but what few remember is that Bedrock was temporarily blinded in a freak beard-trimming accident that August. The Phillies, desperate to stay in the NL East race, tried to train Bedrosian to throw strikes with his compromised eyes shut. The attempt failed miserably and ended in DL stints for the blurry-sighted Bedrosian, Kevin Gross, who was plunked in the glasses with a 95-mph heater, and Kent Tekulve, who strained an oblique muscle from laughing so hard.


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  1. In fairness, Bedrosian only threw batting practice with his eyes closed. During games, he pitched with his ears closed. (it's an old Mayan thing).