Sherman Corbett, 1989 Topps

Name: Sherman Corbett
Team: California Angels
Positions: Relief pitcher, science teacher
Value of card: One beaker
Key 1988 stat: 142 wacky experiments conducted
An experiment gone wrong: As a rookie in 1988, Sherman Corbett had two passions: Pitching and science. When he wasn't throwing cheese to opposing batters, he was growing mold on it in the locker room. He quickly became a clubhouse favorite, helping his teammates' children with their science fair projects and coming up with crazy experiments, like the time he got liquored up and tried to see which player's jock strap had more elasticity. (Bob Boone's won, but all the rigorous stretching earned Corbett a 15-day DL stint). The youngster especially took a liking to Wally Joyner, going so far as to breed a half-horse-half-zebra he named Ezekiel to give to him on his birthday. But the fun and games took on a more sinister tone when Corbett started handing out samples of the latest "supplement" he had concocted with his buddy Vic. Manager Cookie Rojas grew suspicious, and near the end of the season told Corbett to pack up his Bunsen burners and head back to the minors. Ezekiel died in 1997.


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  1. I think I saw this guy a couple years ago on Letterman, during a segment called "What's the Deal With Old Guys and Big Glasses?"