Nolan Ryan, 1991 Pacific Trading Cards

Name: Nolan Ryan
Team: Dallas Cowboys
Position: Quarterback
Value of card: Less than a ride on the Ryan Express
Key 1990 stat: Six interceptions (preseason only)
Multi-sport athlete: Sure, most baseball fans know Nolan Ryan threw a major league record seven no-hitters and leads the strikeout list with 5,714 K's. But during the fall of 1990, the fireballer took up a whole other ballgame. After finishing the 1989 season with a godawful 1-15 record, the Dallas Cowboys were the laughing stock of the NFL. Not sure how rookie running back Emmitt Smith and second-year quarterback Troy Aikman would pan out, owner Jerry Jones knew he had to take a risk. Enter the Ryan Express. The pitcher, then 43, signed a conditional one-year contract with America's Team and brought his 100 mph-plus arm to camp that summer. Ryan refused to wear a helmet or pads, openly questioning the virility of football players everywhere. The media loved the signing. His new teammates? Not so much. Ryan's laser throws broke all 10 of Daryl "Moose" Johnston's fingers and nearly severed Jay Novacek's arm at the elbow. The final straw came during a preseason game against the the then-Phoenix Cardinals, when his receiving corp avoided his strikes like Michael Irvin avoided rehab. The big hurler threw six interceptions that day, his only NFL game, but managed to give the crowd one last gridiron thrill, tackling Mike Zordich like he was Robin Ventura. A determined Ryan returned to the Texas Rangers, tossing his final no-hitter May 1, 1991.

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  1. hey the vikings need a qb...whaddaya say nolan?