Matt Williams, 1988 Topps

Name: Matt Williams
Team: San Francisco Giants
Position: Third base
Value of card: To him, invaluable
Key 1987 stat: One three-day, cringe-inducing glare
A first for the ages: It's something a Major League Baseball player — or a man, for that matter — never forgets. It's arguably the most meaningful first for a rookie, and the crack Topps Company photography staff captured the instant, allowing Matt Williams and his legions of fans to cherish it forever. First hit? No. First RBI? Nope. First home run? Nah. First glimpse of a woman in the buff? Yes, sir. And just look at how that seminal moment captivated ol' Matty. He's transfixed. Williams sat in that position for three days, staring, blankly, at Seat 24, Row F, Section 142, where a glamorous sea cow in a cut-off Richard petty T-shirt bared her breasts for a crowd of 9,163, forever changing one third baseman's life.



  1. Matt Williams was my favorite player when I was a kid. I have approximately six copies of this card. I'll never look at it the same way.

  2. Dude, is his right hand in his pocket? That's defintely an MVP caliber player ... and pocket pool player.

  3. This just confirms my suspicion that Matt Williams is a zombie. Which is impressive, considering he's still alive (or perhaps, still undead).