Lou Whitaker, 1989 Bowman

Name: Lou Whitaker, aka "Sweet-lou" Whitaker
Team: Detroit Tigers
Position: Second base
Value of card: Nearly as much as GM stock
Key 1988 stat: One unnecessary hyphen
Sweet-lou's True Hollywood Story: Lou Whitaker has accomplished many feats that most of us never will. I, for one, will never turn a double play with Alan Trammell. I will never hit 244 Major League home runs. I will never autograph a baseball card by hyphenating my nickname and my real name. (Then again, Crazylegs-wes doesn't resonate like Sweet-lou). But to my biggest dismay, I will never out-act Tom Selleck on an episode of "Magnum, P.I." If you think you're ready, click here to watch the 1980s Detroit middle infield turn Thomas Magnum into a bumbling idiot. Well, even more of a bumbling idiot.

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